Seamless is where we started. That high-intensity compression may be our most sculpting, but what if you want something a little lighter, something that feels like a second skin, something with POCKETS?
That’s where our Limitless legging has long dominated. Available in multiple lengths and colourways, you’d be hard-pressed to find a similar style elsewhere. That’s all down to our Better-Than-Naked fabric. This textile is made using ultra-fine yarns knitted into a double layer, to create a hi-tech fabric feels buttery soft, while creating a smoothing effect on your legs, as well as instant moisture-wicking capabilities. Why is it better than being naked? Because while it feels like next-to-nothing, it still sculpts and holds and banishes sweat and features seams that flatter your bum and thighs. Naked doesn’t do that.
models Wearing LNDR's Limitless Leggings
So how does that equate to our bestselling seamed style? We like to think that’s down to the versatility. That fluid texture allows for liquid movement and her back-zip pocket means you can carry your phone to the gym, throw in your keys on a run or grab a credit card for that post-workout snack and they’ll stay safe and secure. Aka she’s great for high-intensity workouts (though if you’re looking for high-compression for intense workouts, we’d still recommend seamless) ideal for in-studio and ideal for runs. Essentially, a great all-arounder.
Sold? Shop our bestselling seamed style right now. Or take a look at some of her Better-Than-Naked sister styles. Same great quality fabric and technical ability with different pocket positioning.
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After something a little more intense? Then maybe our seamless is right for you…
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